ProActions Seminar - 14/09/17

Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are two of the most important aspects of running a business successfully. This Pro-actions Business Seminar will explore what each of them really mean together with top tips and strategies to make them both work for you.

  • Leadership is about doing the right things
  • Management is about doing them correctly and efficiently

We will explore how to approach these two very different disciplines to help you get the most out of yourself and your people. Ultimately, your business should not be dependent on you to survive - we’ll show you how to set clear direction and implement controls to free up your life and get better results from your business.

Packed full of sensible ideas and solutions, this is a must attend event for anyone who is serious about their business having the best chance to succeed.

Booking is essential and there are limited places. Don’t delay and use the three hours to make a real difference to your future!

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