Business Awards? Me?

By Chair of Judges Keith Mason

If you own or run a small business and you are reading a piece about the local business awards, you may be thinking that this is not for you. It’s for big companies, right? I hope you won’t mind my saying that you could not be more wrong! Size is as unimportant when it comes to these awards as it is in many other respects. Size is not what I, as chairman of judges, am interested in and in over 10 years of judging business awards, it never has been.

So, what is Important?

In some respects that is hard to specify. However, we try and look at a range of measures that would be relevant to most businesses irrespective of their size. If you have a fantastic team development programme we are interested. If you have developed a unique solution to a particularly knotty client problem, we want to know about it. If you are active in the local community that is important to us too and if you are an independent retailer we have even created a category just for you!

Ultimately, what matters is sparkle and passion and that can be exhibited by any business whether it is a market stall, a multi-million-pound trading company or anything in between.

Don’t just write these awards off – have a go! We want to encourage and put on show all that is excellent in the local business community and the awards present a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your business, whether you wind up winning or not.