Bespoke Dental Care enter the awards!

bespoke logoAfter working as a dental technician for 38 years, Colin Orsbourn took the massive step of extending his existing practice where he’d worked alone in Lower Higham Road, Gravesend.

This resulted in Bespoke Dental Care comprising dentistry and dental technicians opening in 2013. This is a unique offer having both services under the same roof. He was also joined by dental surgeon Dr Farzana Islam, a graduate of Kings College, London.

Previously in 2007, Mr Orsbourn became a Clinical Dental Technician meaning he can see and treat patients directly which is rare within practices. However, it enables a more direct care approach to patients needing any denture treatment. The usual route is having to see a dentist who posts impression work to a dental technician who in turn doesn't see the patient. In this practice the dental work is all encompassing under one roof with its onsite laboratory.

Colin's reputation and beautiful denture work is renowned, with a high patient return rate. Testimonials abound on the quality of the work.

As the practice realised much of its growth was down to recommendations, a ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme was started which allows both the referrer and the referred to have £10 credit placed on their account. This was designed to give something back to the patients.

Bespoke Dental Care also sponsors Gravesend Rugby Club and advertises in the match game booklet

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