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vto logoVoice Talent Online is a British voice talent agency specialising in the translation and recording of voice-over and video for the international markets.

Based at Bath Street, Gravesend it operates in over 85 languages with over 1500 hand-selected voice talents and yes it took a long time to vet them. The service enables client companies to achieve confidence in being able to hit the ground running in their new language, target markets.

Launched in 2003, CEO Simon Luckhurst said: “ We can localise everything a company might need whether it is a complete video translation package, a series of e-learning modules, an advert or a video game voice-over.”

The company is totally focused on using local Gravesham staff currently numbering 11.

It has also had its challenging projects. During the first quarter of 2018 there was a contract for one of the global top-five technology companies to deliver an enormous quantity of US English voice-over content used by them to teach its voice-recognition engine how to recognise speech.

To tackle this significant project in addition to the normal workload, required a huge temporary expansion in production capacity. The prerequisite was to deliver 375,000 audio files, recorded by 250 voice artists within an eight-week turnaround.

This was successfully achieved by scaling the team up by 200 per cent and introducing a 24-hour, seven day, three-shift pattern. Recruiting locally, the company was overwhelmed by not only the number of applicants, but the standard in Gravesend alone.

Clients include some very well-known global and household brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, Sony and Panasonic to name but a few.

On the unusual side, there has been a lip-sync in Mandarin done for a Chinese theme park, a radio advert in American Spanish for a fast food chicken restaurant in California and some Goddess Meditation instructions provided in seven languages that included a lot of ‘oohs and aahs’.

Staff training is a mixture of inhouse produced documentation and practical hands-on supervised learning. Large and small projects are equally welcomed. Visit the website at www.voicetalentonline.com