Unique business support - Embridge Consulting

Unique business support - Embridge Consulting

Founded in 2009 as an independent digital transformation consultancy, Embridge Consulting was born from a need to help businesses leverage modern technology that will transform the way they work. 

As a boutique digital transformation consultancy, the company, based at Springhead Road, Northfleet, specialises in supporting the public, private, higher education and healthcare sectors as well as Not for Profit organisations with an aspiration to support impactful digital transformation. 

Respected for its expertise in enterprise resource planning (ERP), business change and digital transformation, the firm provides strategic advice that addresses the people, process, and technology challenges that companies face that together enable successful digital transformation outcomes. The global fallout from the pandemic saw Embridge spring into action ahead of the trauma subsequently achieved a high success rate of helping firms ride the storm. 

Chairman Emma O’Brien said: “It’s not every day you meet a company like Embridge Consulting. Innovative, dynamic, creative and always colouring outside of the lines. We are more than a service provider, we believe in building trusted, assured, and sustainable partnerships with our clients. 

“We work as a combined team towards the mutual goals of achieving a vision and mission through strategic and operational usage of our respective skills and expertise. 

“The company  has an excellent reputation for delivering on time, on budget and exceeding expectation. With our hand-picked team of experts we can deliver whatever is needed and when you need it.”