Gravesham Business Awards Gala Night Charity

Walk Tall is a unique small charity centred in North Kent, mainly in Gravesham and Dartford.  They work with people of all ages – children, young people and adults using three, integrated practices:

  • Counselling & Psychotherapy 
  • Education
  • Drama and performing arts 

These seemingly disparate modalities combine to provide deep transformation of the lives they touch.  Those accessing Walk Tall’s services are vulnerable in some way, either because of life circumstances and/or traumatic experiences.

Some of Walk Tall’s projects:

A specialist 1:1 counselling/psychotherapy service. Walk Tall is a BACP (British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists) Accredited Counselling Service – the only under 18’s service in Kent.   They also train and qualify specialist counsellors.

Youth mental health projects include bereavement support projects and anxiety groups, led by therapists and supported by young people trained by Walk Tall in peer support skills.

Walk Tall provides emotionally safe, small-scale education to 13 to 17 year olds who are unable to attend mainstream education because of trauma and/or abuse and extreme social anxiety. This severely limits their capacity to learn, connect with others and form relationships.  The education curriculum includes core GCSE subjects, 1:1 therapy and creative-neuro-education plus expressive drama. There is nothing like this provision anywhere else.

Community projects include performing arts clubs which focus on self-expression and effective communication skills, an adult choir for those recovering from emotional lockdown and seniors’ projects aimed at reducing loneliness such as film nights, outings and bingo/games evenings.

To listen is to understand. To understand is to heal. To heal is to love. It is love that brings unity - and unity that brings peace.