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Tips on filling out the application form

1) Treat the application as a project so that you can get as many key personnel involved in answering the questions comprehensively and informatively. Plan who will be answering which question and what supporting documentation you would like to add and who will be responsible for submitting this part of the project.

2) Try to keep the application informative but factual with substantiating details to back up the information you relay.

3) Give some information on how the company started and your motivation behind setting it up.

4) Make sure you clearly show what you sell and what sets you apart from the competition.

5) If you have a business plan then share your objectives, goals and expectations with us through your application form.

6) How do you look after your staff? How do you train them? Do you help the local community? If you do, then inform us in your application.

7) Don't be worried about sounding like you are boasting, be proud of your achievements and make the readers of the application aware of everything you do at your company.

8) Pay attention to detail and make sure that the application has been presented logically and in line with the application form questions.

9) The more we know about you and your business the stronger your chances of winning.

10) If time permits, get someone else to re-read the application to ensure it covers everything about you and your company and is good to read.

Why Apply?

  • Free publicity via the Kent Messenger Group
  • A great way to motivate staff and management teams on your corporate achievements and good efforts within the company.
  • A great way to gain recognition within the local community.

What the judges are looking for

To assist in the judging process it would be helpful to have an understanding on some or all of the following:

1. The origin of the business and how and why it started
2. What products or services you provide and how successful are they?
3. Have you got any objectives and goals?
4. Is there a sales and marketing strategy in place?
5. Have you examples of staff training and motivation?
6. What obstacles have you faced, how did you overcome them?

This list gives you a flavour of some the areas we look into when judging a business.

The more we know about you and your business the stronger your chances of winning. These awards continue to be a success year on year with past winners benefiting from the kudos that brings.

Good luck!