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A warm flavour - Nells Cafe

Nell’s Café situated on the A2 at Watling Street, is not only a good stop for passing motorists and truck drivers, but has a strong local feel and offers a warm welcome.

The café has won two Gravesham Business Awards trophies for its homemade food and warm welcome. 

Owner Sandra Hassan said: “Come in feeling hungry go out feeling full and satisfied. We take pride in treating all our customers as friends. We try to make people happy.” 

Of late the company has been asked to do podcasts where different celebrities could come into the café and be interviewed by either Sandra or a staff member. 

Sandra went on: “We treat Nell’s also as a community hub . We do a lot of work and support any charity, but one In particular is The Elliott Holmes Memorial Foundation which is very close to our hearts. 

“We will just help anyone that needs us. If an elderly person can’t get out to come up here they only have to give us a call and we will take the food to them.”